Compose your own Querkus product.

Use the product builder to create the Querkus veneer product of your choice. Follow the steps below to obtain a PDF that you can use to quickly request a price. Ask your Decospan contact for more information if your request is not possible using the product builder. This implies that additional conditions are required.

Step 3: Choose your structure

The structure of oak lends itself perfectly to different surface finishing processes. This means that the feel of the veneer can be particularly emphasized. You can sense that the material is genuine and that it differs from the many imitations on the market.

Plain Plain

pre-sanded with grit 120

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 B1  B1
type B1
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 B2  B2
type B2
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 B3  B3
type B3
Choose this touch
 S1  S1
type S1
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 S2  S2
type S2
Choose this touch
 S3  S3
type S3
Choose this touch
 S4  S4
type S4
Choose this touch
 S5  S5
type S5
Choose this touch
 D1  D1
type D1
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 E1  E1
type E1
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