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"Querkus" is synonymous with a unique and superior quality product. You should therefore only place your trust in panels on which you can see the Decospan logos on the side. The stamp also gives a production date so that each panel can be clearly traced. In this way, Decospan seeks to distinguish itself and guarantee its quality! PEFC™ or FSC® (FSC-C095327) is available on request, no standard delivery time.

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A/A quality A/B+ quality A/B quality
front and rear front rear front rear
Oak Natural 0,6 mm Natural Natural Natural Oak B+ Natural Natural Oak B
1 mm
1,5 mm
2 mm
OAK VINTAGE retro 0,6 mm Vintage retro     Vintage retro Natural Oak B
OAK Vintage original 1 mm Vintage original Vintage original Vintage retro    
1,5 mm     Vintage original Natural Oak B
OAK Vintage intense  3,5 mm Vintage intense  Vintage intense Natural Oak B+ Vintage intense Natural Oak B
Oak Smoked 0,6 mm Smoked Smoked Natural Oak B+ Smoked Natural Oak B
1,5 mm

1. Top layer

Querkus veneer with the chosen 

2. Panel

  • Standard MDF: format 2500x1240 mm and 3050x1220 mm
  • Other cores and dimensions available on request.
    Please note: surface area treatments (touch) on veneered panels with a coloured core (green/red/black) may sometimes suffer from slight colour seepage and we therefore strongly advise against using these.

3. Balancing layer

A veneered panel always need a backing to guarantee the maximum stability of the panel.

  A B+* B*
Look Same as toplayer chosen Natural Oak - not specified Natural Oak - not specified
Flake size small mirror large flake large flake
Heavy flake not allowed small dents allowed, but not allowed to peel off allowed
Colour variations Homogeneous with natural variation not specified not specified
Sapwood not specified limited allowed allowed
Jointing method mixmatch mixmatch with repetitions not specified
Mineral limited allowed limited allowed allowed
Worm holes not allowed limited allowed allowed
Open defects limited allowed limited allowed allowed
Wood filler PLAIN always from veneer thickness 1 mm
TOUCH always
always filled never filled
Open joints not allowed filled with wood filler not filled & allowed

* Attention! When you choose for a B+ or B quality be aware that the backing of Oak Vintage and Oak Smoked is Oak Natural b-grade!

Flex is a veneer layon that is very easy to work with. The veneer layon is first pressed onto paper and the wood fibres are then broken. This gives us a flexible strip of veneer wood.

FLEXIBILITY is the key features of this product. Flex can be glued onto any surface in a moment. Flex can also be used to finish the sides of panels of any kind very quickly.

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1. Top layer

The Querkus veneer layon is always of an A quality.

icoLOOK: Oak Natural, Oak Retro, Oak Smoked or Oak Vintage

Oak Natural, Oak Retro & Oak Smoked = 0,6 mm
Oak Vintage = 1 mm


  • Plain (Presanded grain 120)
    Oak Natural, Oak Retro & Oak Smoked - format 3050x1240 mm
    Oak Vintage - format 2500x1240 mm
    can be deliverd anywhere in Europe in 72 hours
  • Brushed type B1
    only possible with Oak Natural, Oak Retro and Oak Smoked
    format 2750x1220 mm
    can be delivered 15 days after order all over Europe
  • Scratched type S1
    only possible with Oak Natural & Oak Retro - format 2750x1220 mm
    can be delivered 15 days after order all over Europe

The gluing of the top- and backing layer is done with a formaldehyde-free glue.

2. Backing layer

Paper backing in the colour of the chosen LOOK.

Thin sheets for applications where lamination on alternative substrates is needed. The veneer properties and thickness of Oak Vintage Original and Oak vintage Intense do not allow to flex the joined sheet. However, these sheets remain very handy as a solution to cover challenging finishes and constructions.

Applications: edge banding, door cladding, pressing panels,...

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1. Top layer (Front)

The Querkus veneer with the selected

icoLOOK: only Vintage Original or Vintage Intense

icoTHICKNESS: depending on the chosen look 1 mm or 3,5 mm

icoTOUCH: depending on the chosen look: Plain or Embossed type E1

Sheet is possible on a limited number of references

2. Balancing layer

The sheets are provided with a firm fleece, which makes the sheets easy to manipulate and also the glueing can be done without any problem.

Matching edge bandings have been developed for each LOOK. This means that Decospan can provide a total solution and each project can be finished into detail.

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