Brushing the panels makes it possible to bring out more clearly the natural structure of the wood.

Brushed type B1

With this technique, the softer summer wood is lightly brushed. The B1 brushing gives a subtle impression of depth to the surface and adds to the natural feel.

Brushed type B2

The deep brushing approximates to sand blasting of the wood. With this process, it is not only the soft summer wood that is brushed away but a deeper structure is brought to all areas of the wood. This deep brushing is only possible if the top layer is more than 1 mm thick. Please note: Decospan recommends that this finishing is always be done on both sides to ensure the stability of the panel as much as possible.

Brushed type B1

Brushed type B2 only possible on top layer >= 1 mm
always on both sides


Creates authenticity by applying unique patterns to the surface.

Decospan can create band saw effects on the surface using a patented procedure. These 5 patterns can be applied to all thicknessses but the depth depends on the veneer thickness. By scratching the veneer the surface gets a rough sawn structure and gives the panel a solid look.

Scratched type S3 only possible on top layer >= 1 mm