No nonsense purity

Natural brings the honest and endearing beauty of the oak to the fore. No frills, just pure nature. We use strictly selected, slow-growing oaks from controlled and regulated growth zones.


Respected, repurposed & upcycled

Revive old materials and give them a new lease of life, while respecting the past. This is the true spirit of the Oak Vintage look. Oak beams which have been used in the railway system for many decades are now processed into veneer with a rich past and warm look.


Respect the past, embrace the future

Like the Vintage look, Retro pays homage to the quality and warm conviviality of yesteryear. If the Vintage look is too distinct for you, you could try our Oak Retro, which offers a softer look. Although less striking, Oak Retro still has the character required to offer every room an individual, distinctive atmosphere.


A class of its own

Oak Smoked exudes pure class. Smoking the Croatian oak to the core gives it a classy look and unique character. The traditional smoking process and the oak’s typical properties result in a strong, dark look. Oak Smoked is reminiscent of exclusive clubs and hotel lobbies with the very best whiskies and cigars.

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